Y2K: An Autobiography

Episode #06 It was a Change Problem

March 13, 2020

While Y2K was a technical problem for those who worked directly on it, for myself and a few others who were attempting to create awareness - it was first and foremost a Change Management Problem.

I've wrestled with how to present this particular aspect of the project. I could just talk about what I did through the 1990s, but that would only highlight the results of my thoughts and not how I decided what to do.

So, I've decided to do this in two parts;-

In the first? I'll focus on why it was a change project and what 'Change Concepts' I used to frame the 'awareness' project.
In many ways this session is a template for any real world problem where a change is desired, but can't be commanded to happen.
I'll spend time on explaining WHAT the template is attempting to achieve and why each component is important.
This is what I'll present this friday

In the second part, episode #7 - with the framework in place - I'll fill in the Y2K particulars.

Together They'll provide a 'theoretical framework' and then a real world example of how to use that framework. Hopefully? You'll be able to take these two as a framework for your future Change initiatives.

Note? Episode #6, while it will touch on Y2K - it'll be primarily about 'Change' - and less about Y2K
Episode #7 will highlight exactly how things like, the Y2K cartoon book, the NY Stock Exchange 'de Jager' index, and putting year2000 website up on eBay
served an agenda other than what was visible to anyone other than myself.

In more than 2,000 Y2K interviews - none of the above was ever discussed.

Join me as I explore the strategy behind much of what was visible.

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